Macro Driven and ESG Integrated L/S Equity Student Investment Club with $250k AUM

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Securing sustainable opportunities for the future

Equity Research

We do extensive equity research to maximise returns


Every investment decision is vetted according to the ESG-principles.


We provide financial knowledge resources and workshops


We are a group of like-minded high achievers. Leverage our extensive network, even after you graduate.


Blackelm Equity is a student-run environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment club with members from top universities across the UK. We invite students to gain first-hand experience in the art of investing, with activities like ESG analysis, equity research, and more.

Join the foremost student UK investment club, gain valuable industry experience and manage a real investment portfolio. You will conduct investment research and ESG analysis across different markets and levels, discover the directions various industries are taking, and make investments accordingly. It’s a chance to invest in your future, helping others make ethical investment choices and gaining the education to jumpstart your career.


To become a renowned force within the financial sector as the finance club producing top industry talent and helping young investors and analysts succeed in their careers and investment pursuits for generations to come.

We aim to build our success on a set solid values such as knowledge, talent, and professionalism, which are the stepping stone for everything that we do on a daily basis.

We are building a top-end technology platform that enables the club to coordinate research, come to agreements and auditing the club’s performance. (Under development)

About us

It all started not long ago, when a group of students realized that the financial industry increasingly requires students to demonstrate prior experience, even when they are looking to fill an internship position.

After learning about this, we decided to step up, and raised funding to provide young and untapped talents from top British universities with the opportunity to gain real world experience on investment management. We did this through an ESG investment club, where they could get the experience they were looking after with such passion, in order to find their way into an ever more competitive job market.

That’s how Blackhelm Equity was finally born, out of our desire to capture and potentiate the finest human talent within the financial industry, and generate the most optimum conditions for such talent to grow without limits, in an environment where they are encouraged to thrive and perform at their best.

Today, after setting this project in motion, our club proudly counts with the top UK students, strong equity research teams, and over 250k GBP of assets under management.

We invite you to join, and be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

How to get involved

Application process:

  1. Submit your CV
  2. Conduct a video interview
  3. Personal interviews
  4. Onboarding

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