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Why us

Identifying great investment opportunities has become an ever more challenging task. In times where information is widely available for almost anybody, the quality of that information and the way a talented and experienced analyst has properly analysed it can make the difference between making a good or a bad financial decision.

At Blackelm Equity, we take the lead in terms of human capital. We do this by ensuring that all of our prospective members come from the most reputed British universities and go through a rigorous selection process. If accepted, they start as analysts and are continuously educated and tested according to their monthly track record to decide if they can be promoted to portfolio managers.

We aim to create a club and space where like-minded individuals can get seasoned by gaining real-life experience, generating a powerful synergy that benefits everyone involved.

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Who we are looking for

We are looking for top-achieving students with a passion for finance. We welcome likeminded people who share our mission for a sustainable future and is highly motivated to participate.

How to get involved

Application process:

  1. Submit your CV
  2. Conduct video interview
  3. Personal interviews
  4. Onboarding

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